Wars to End All Wars

Some exciting news to share today. I’ve been blessed to have a story included in a new anthology coming out in just a few days’ time: Wars to End All Wars – Alternate Tales from the Trenches. Inspired by the 100-year anniversary of World War I, authors were asked to submit stories based on that

New Echoes of Collapse Page

Time to release it into the wild. The new Echoes of Collapse landing page is now up, and I welcome interested readers to give it a look HERE. I’ve included a newsletter sign-up on the landing page that is specifically for the web serial, in which I’ll release chapters of Echoes of Collapse¬†early as a

An Echoes of Collapse Teaser

  The Accord has been broken, the balance of Heaven and Hell shattered. The war between the armies of Heaven and Hell has been waged on Earth, leaving the world a cracked husk. Humanity clings to life, hidden in the ruins of former cities, seeking refuge from the demons that walk the streets and the

Where’s Echoes of Collapse?

I’ve had some visitors ask what happened to the Echoes of Collapse page, and I figure this is as good a time as any to announce some of my future plans regarding the web serial. Back when I wrote Echoes a couple of years ago, it was really more of an experiment, and a sort